Registration Forms


The following forms (Tuition Guidelines and Meal Program) need to be filled out and submitted online. For new families this should be done after you have been accepted and for returning families this should be done at enrollment for each new school year.

Tuition Guidelines 2018-19

  • I (we) will pay the tuition to The Vanguard Academy by making payments under the following plan, that has been checked above. All families at The Vanguard Academy must have an automated account deduction form on file for tuition to be automated IF tuition is not paid by Friday of each week for weekly payment families and by the FIRST Friday of the month of monthly payment families. This automated form will be used if payment is not received by the due date.
  • Tuition Guidelines

  • Registration fee is due at time of enrollment and is non-refundable.
  • Policy Agreement

  • If you are going to be late for school due to a dr's appointment, dental appointment, or any other reason, please be courteous and send your child's teacher a message to let them know when you will be arriving and if you need your student to be counted in for lunch or snack count.

  • Consents



Food Program

You have your choice to bring your lunch or purchase lunch. Please choose the program below. Please note that lunch fee's will be charged based on attendance and program selected below.
  • You have your choice to bring your lunch or purchase lunch. Please choose the program below. These lunch fees are based on attendance and program selected below.
  • i. State guidelines about food components

    Please note that state guidelines require the following: Lunch must contain protein, two veggies or two fruits, or one veggie, one fruit with milk. Snack must contain two of the following: protein source, a fruit, veggie, 100% juice or whole grain or enriched bread.
  • If you use milk other than Vitamin D(under age 2) or 1%(over age 2) this milk program will allow our students to receive other options. Please type in the box what special type of milk you would like your child to have if you would like to participate in this program.
  • Please note that whatever program you chose from above, you will be charged for if you are in attendance that day. IF you bring your lunch, it is the responsibility of the parent to fill out the FOOD PROGRAM credit request located in the lobby of the school. The school will credit the following week for food credits. The school will not be able to go back after a two week time period to credit if you do not request it. ALL monthly menus are posted on under the Our School Tab Please initial the box to indicate that you understand how food credits work.